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ALPHA COLLOIDS PTE LTD is a biotechnology company engaged in R&D, applications and sales of plant extract hyrocolloids. We are using top-graded seaweeds from clean sea area in Philippines & Indonesia, combined with our advanced processing technology & extraction skills to produce high quality Carrageenan, Konjac Gum & Agar Agar.

Alpha Colloids also develop a wide range of stabilisers & thickeners for applications in food, health foods, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products. Some of our products are industrial/ instant. Pre-mixed jelly powder & pudding powder, ice-cream stabilisers, yoghurt stabilisers, cheese stabilisers, fondant powder, meat thickener etc.

We do not only provide products but also application solutions!

We help to improve and update traditional products and develop new products based on the requirements of our customers and markets.

Our company have strong support from professional manufacturer in Indonesia & China and able to provide high-quality raw materials and products. We export to America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia with a huge market share coupling with good reputation around the world.

We purse to serve our customers with highest-quality products and innovative ideas!

Product Listing:

  1. Food: Canned & Processed Food
  2. Others