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Novitee is a leading F&B Solutions company that focuses on developing tools that help both F&B Merchants and Suppliers increase their profitability and productivity.

All solutions provided by Novitee are designed specifically for the F&B industry, and can be easily and fully integrated into your operating system. We are able to provide access to real time data, thus allowing you to make quick and informed business decisions. Besides our Point-of-Sales (POS) system, we also provide solutions to cover both your front and back-end operations. Some examples of these include : QR Ordering, Kitchen Display System (KDS) , Self-Serve Kiosks, eMenu , eOrdering, Purchasing, Inventory, Central Kitchen and Supply Chain Management Software.

We have worked with F&B brands such as Tim Ho Wan, Shilin, Shangri-La, Collins, BreadTalk, and Kimly Group. Regardless of the size of your F&B business, we will always have a solution that would suit your businesses’ needs. 

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Technology & Innovation:

  • Customer Loyalty & Rewards Systems
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • POS Systems