Booth No. : RA17

Address : 1903 Yanagawa-cho, Nakagawa Ku, Nagoya Shi aichi-ken, Japan
Tel : +81 52 678 8410

RISE Co., are delivering premium seasonal fruits such as Shine Muscat, peaches, and strawberries
throughout Japan from Nagoya, central Japan.

Our mission is to bring you the freshest, finest fruit. To achieve this, RISE Co., focuses not only on the quality of the fruit, but also on the technology of packaging and wrapping.

RISE Co. has launched a new product line of wraps that prolong the freshness of produce! Fruits delivered by us are wrapped in this innovative wrap, and Our customers are delighted with it.

At this event, we will introduce innovative wrapping films that prolong the freshness of fruits and vegetables as well as premium Japanese fruits.

Product Listing


  • Cleaning & maintenance equipment
  • Cold Storages & freezers
  • Packing equipment & materials


  • Wrapping film to keep fruits and vegetables fresh
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Seasonal fruits