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We know many shift-work businesses still use manual, time-intensive methods to handle HR and Ops processes. The man-days spent consolidating timesheets, manual errors, poor real-time team visibility all lead to low productivity and high labor costs.

At StaffAny, we optimize this with our real-time integrated scheduling and time tracking software that simplifies shift work for businesses. In addition to managing hourly workers, StaffAny tracks your staff performance and make end-of-month timesheet consolidation a breeze for you.

We’ve helped our clients in F&B, Retail, Events and Healthcare to simplify shift work and optimize labor productivity /cost gains from large chains like Kiosks Collective to small business owners like Foreword Coffee.

From our all-in-one-app, you can submit weekly availability, check for latest shifts, acknowledge announcements, request for leave, and clock-in and out of work.

With StaffAny, your entire team is connected on one platform for maximum efficiency and communication!

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