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Think of Tabsquare as the interface between your restaurant and your customers wherever they are – in-restaurant, at home, or on the road. Our solution helps you connect all your customer channels into your existing POS. As a restaurateur, you can have a granular level view of all your orders directly into POS irrespective of the source of origin.

With our best-in class AI technology Tabsquare AI helps you deliver a superior personaliser diner experience with personalised menus, personalised pairing suggestions & even personalised promotions while making customers buy more and generate higher revenues for your restaurant by 20% and more.

Tabsquare AI offers a personalised omnichannel customer experience across our digital ordering platform:

  • Self-ordering Kiosk
  • Order @ Table Solution
  • QR code ordering
  • Order to room
  • Online ordering
  • Delivery and Aggregator Food ordering consolidation

Using the power of Ai, not only will your customers have a personalised journey, the dynamic upselling will increase the average transaction value.

All our solutions can be integrated to your POS and you can seamlessly view everything directly in your existing POS & Kitchen systems.

Product Listing

Machinery & Equipment:

  • Automated kitchen equipment
  • Buffet Equipment

Technology & Innovation:

  • Customer Loyalty & Rewards Systems
  • POS Systems


  • Digital Ordering Solution
  • Food Delivery Services