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Overseas Principal/ Local Agent/ Brand
Tonon S.R.L
Address : Via Liguria 33, 10071, Borgaro Torinese (TO), Italy
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Tonon is the 4th generation of meat rail system and shelving system manufacturer in turn Italy. We are unique and reliable for different area of application. We comprises of food grade certification which can be use in the food industry or hospital even hotels.

Sanelli Ambrogio is 154 years old manufacturer for both commercial and household knives. We pride ourselves as one of the top factory in Europe. As we uses the best raw material from Germany6 incorporated our experience & skill to develop our range of knives for butchery to bakery to kitchen.

Product Listing:

  1. Franchising & Innovation: Inventory Control Equipment
  2. Furniture, Furnishings & Decoration: Furniture
  3. Restaurant Equipment: Foodservice Equipment, Kitchen Accessories