Opening Remarks by Moderator

Diana Teo

Co-Founder, Waa Cow!
Management Committee Member,
Restaurant Association of Singapore


Past & Present: A Restaurateur’s Experience

Andrew Tjioe

Founder, President / CEO,
TungLok Group;
Past President, Restaurant Association of Singapore

As a veteran in the F&B industry, Andrew Tjioe has garnered a wealth of experience in the restaurant business since the 1980s, and has established TungLok Group, one of the largest and leading Chinese restaurant chains in Singapore with partnerships and franchises in Indonesia, China, Japan and Vietnam.

Andrew will share with us his experiences in operating the TungLok Group across ASEAN, especially on the challenges such as manpower shortages, presented by the Covid-19 pandemic and what digital strategies he has adopted to overcome the challenges.

He will also be sharing his thoughts on the benefits and pitfalls of adopting various digitalisation strategies, governmental incentives for digitalisation and the market's readiness for technological changes.


Impact of the Pandemic on the Restaurant Industry of the Philippines:
How to Respond and Recover

Eugene Yap

Hotel & Restaurant Association of the Philippines

The Philippines has not been spared by the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic - its vibrant hotel and restaurant industries are also badly affected and are struggling to recover.

In this webinar, Eugene Yap, President of the Hotel & Restaurant Association of the Philippines will share his thoughts and observations on how the affected sectors are coping with the situation, including the Philippine government's responses to the emergency, as well as the adoption of digitalisation in restaurants.


A Case Study: The Key to Survive Any Pandemic

Michael Tan

Chief Executive Officer
Singapore Productivity Centre

Through the course of the pandemic, many F&B businesses have been stress-tested on the strengths and agility of their business model. While the sector remains battered, we have learnt alongside resilient F&B businesses who have managed to weather the storm. We will be sharing one of the more resilient cases and examine the key factors that had enabled them to ride the impact of the pandemic, emerging stronger and ready for the rebound.


Food Services, Automation Made Easy

Nicholas Tung


When it comes to eating, Singaporeans are spoilt for choice, resulting in the local food scene becoming more competitive. Establishments are under pressure to develop the right recipes to cater to our locals' critical palate. Furthermore, the industry is faced with a variety of challenges such as the ever-rising rental rates, difficulty in hiring and the periodic prohibitions to dine-in. In such a climate, will the decision-makers in the Food Service industry still have the bandwidth to innovate and leverage technology to reduce their operational costs, increase operational productivity and increase revenue by utilising a customer database?


Q&A Session


Presentation on Restaurant Asia 2021

by Florence Ng • Project Director


End of Webinar