Restaurant Asia & Overview


Introducing the Alcohol Pavilion

Discover a world of refined tastes and sophisticated indulgence, nestled within the heart of Restaurant Asia. This pavilion invites you to immerse yourself in the captivating realm of premium spirits, curated to delight connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

Co-Organiser of Restaurant Asia

Restaurant Asia 2024, co-organised with the Restaurant Association of Singapore, is a key sourcing platform for the industry by the industry. It presents a dedicated showcase of restaurant, kitchen and culinary equipment, paving the way for the smart kitchen of the future which will revolutionise cooking, food management, and almost every aspect of the F&B industry.

This event is the only F&B trade show for the industry, by the industry and focuses on solutions for chefs and restaurateurs. It also features the speciallycurated RAS Leadership Symposium.

It is gratifying to note that the show has grown and has more than doubled its size compared to the last edition. This, in some ways, can be attributed to the full resumption of economic activities in Singapore and the region but it also bears testimony to the fact that the industry and its members now look to Restaurant Asia as their platform to network with lightminded professionals, trade and keep abreast of the latest development and trends of the industry.

Restaurant Asia will continue to showcase state-of-the-art technologies for the restaurant industry where transformation looms large. With more than 200 companies and brands from 28 different countries on display, the show is set to lead the way for the kitchens of tomorrow, with smart technology and innovative solutions that will transform cooking, food management, payment solutions and both back-of-house and front of house operations.

Andrew Kwan
Restaurant Association of Singapore


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Singapore's Food & Beverage Scene

Singapore is widely acknowledged as a food capital in Asia, and the food services industry plays a vital role in our economy. It enjoys a strong reputation in food safety and quality.

Singapore’s Food & Beverage industry is a diverse and dynamic sector that contributes significantly to the country’s economy and has undergone various changes in the last few years. In 2023, Singapore’s F&B industry is expected to witness several trends and challenges that would shape its future.

Projected revenue in the Food Market is expected to amount to USD11.9b in 2023. The market is expected to grow annually by 4.55% (CAGR 2023-2028).


Compound Annual Growth Rate 2023 - 2028


Emerging Trends

In 2023, the F&B sector in Singapore is expected to experience several trends that will shape its future. These trends reflect changing consumer preferences, new technologies and emerging business models.

Sustainable Sources

While population growth is an important driver of increased food demand, its impact is amplified by changes in the types and quantities of food demanded by consumers. The strain on our world's resources has spurred companies, investors, and technology incubators to work towards providing sustainable food options and increased consumers' demand for plant-based foods. Southeast Asian consumers, much like consumers around the world, are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their food consumption. This has led to changing attitudes towards sustainability: avoiding food waste, limiting packaging, and buying locallyproduced food. Younger consumers are moving towards plant-based diets and proteins as well.

Plant-based Options

Studies have found that Gen Zs are most likely to eat plant-based food. The plant-based demographic is younger and tends to fall between the ages of 18-44 which embodies more than one generation of consumers – Gen Z and millennials. A surge in plant-based meat substitutes, dairy-free milk alternatives and vegan diets remains on the ascent for 2023, fueling the call for these options on the menu in Singapore’s F&B scene. This includes providing plant-based meat substitutes, dairy-free milk alternatives and vegan desserts. Establishments offer a diverse menu including vegan and natural options to meet the demands, and also attract a wider consumer base.

Technology & Innovation

Technology’s impact remains pivotal – from elevated customer experiences through digital menus to app-based ordering. Streamlined operations via automated inventory and predictive ordering further underscore this trend. Enterprises adopting technology do so to excel in customer satisfaction and operational prowess.

Health & Wellness

With growing emphasis on health awareness among consumers, Singapore’s F&B sector is poised to respond to the call for healthier options, from introducing nutritious menu choices, integrating superfoods, low/no-alcohol beverages, functional ingredients, and sharing nutrition details. Embracing this shift will not only draw health-conscious customers, but also establish and distinct edge.


New Concept!

SIGEP & Restaurant Asia presents a new concept of 8 thematic zones, catering to all key aspects of the F&B industry.

Don’t miss the opportunity to put your brand in the spotlight at SIGEP and Restaurant Asia 2024 - the prime destination for you to thrive in the vibrant F&B industry of Singapore, ASEAN and APAC.

With the perfect blend of SIGEP and Restaurant Asia under one roof, you can make meaningful connections with influential industry players and be a part of a prime opportunity to showcase your products, solutions and services to a highly-targeted audience.