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Address: 451 S Lombard St. Oxnard, CA, United States 93030
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Amoretti is a California based company specializing in super concentrated natural infusions. Sourcing the freshest and tastiest fruits, herbs, spices, chocolates, vanillas & peppers from around the world. Paying meticulous attention to quality and consistency, ensures that each batch is impeccable, creative, and consistently high in quality.

By using super concentrated natural infusions, Amoretti aims to provide a premium and intense flavor experience for ice cream, chocolate, baking and beverages. This approach allows for a more potent and authentic taste profile in the final product. Our commitment to quality and sourcing from diverse global locations offers a wide range of flavors and ensuring that each ingredient contributes to the overall excellence of our products.

Amoretti places a strong emphasis on delivering a reliable and exceptional product, aiming to meet the demands of the artisan craft market. 

Product Listing

Gelato, Pastry & Chocolate

  • Cocoa and derivatives
  • Desserts
  • Fillings and toppings
  • Flavourings, vanilla and essences
  • Ingredients, bases and semi-finished products for gelato & pastry
  • Ingredients and bases for soft-serve
  • Semi-finished products for chocolate
  • Sugars, honey and sweeteners 

Food & Beverage – Finished Products

  • Beverages
  • Drinks & juices
  • Syrups

Bakery & Pizza

  • Bakery mixes & premixes
  • Baking ingredients

Specialty Coffee & Tea

  • Syrups & flavourings