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The term “新鮮” translates to “fresh” in both Japanese (Shinsen) and Mandarin (xīn xiān), and undoubtedly, freshness is a non-negotiable aspect in the culinary realm, particularly for raw ingredients, for restaurants, cafes, hotels, clubs, events, and more.

We offer a diverse selection of produce, including sashimi-grade fish, fresh and frozen seafood, Maguro/Tuna, caviar, meats, fruits, and vegetables, among others. These are primarily sourced from various markets across Japan, such as Toyosu, Yokohama, Hakodate, as well as directly from local farmers. Over time, we have expanded our offerings to include produce from Russia, France, Poland, China, and beyond. Leveraging our extensive air shipment capabilities, we can accommodate special requests without minimum order quantity (MOQ) constraints. Through years of experience, we have established efficient co-loading and co-shipment arrangements with partners, facilitating direct imports, declaration support, clearance from air cargo complexes, as well as delivery, storage, and logistics assistance.

Principal / Agent / Brand

Gourmet House Caviar
Address: Unit 136, New Covent Garden Market, London SW8 5EN, United Kingdom

Misaki Megumi Suisan Co Ltd
Address: 658-142 Jyogashima Misaki-Machi, Kanagawa, Japan

Product Listing

Specialty Coffee & Tea

  • Japanese Tea
  • Tea bags
  • Tea leaves


  • Seafood, Confectionary, Condiments, Fruits, Vegetable