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Address: 1 North Bridge Road, High Street Center, Singapore 179094
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The Chocolate Chamber is an endless pursuit of chocolate distinction, a realm where passion and tradition intertwine. Raquel Toquero-Choa, who learned the delicate art of chocolate-making from her grandmother during her cherished childhood days, embarks on a journey brimming with discovery and wonder. With a heart full of the wisdom of the past and eyes set on crafting extraordinary chocolate experiences, she weaves the magic of heritage into every delectable creation. Bringing her chocolate drinking tradition to the world through the Dark Royale Chocolate, she invites everyone to savor the rich, timeless essence of her beloved craft.

Product Listing

Gelato, Pastry & Chocolate

  • Cocoa & derivatives

Food & Beverage – Finished Products

  • Chocolate-based products & pralines
  • Beverages: Drinks & juices